100 hours meditation at Coimbatore centre

We at YSDK Coimbatore were indeed privileged to be able to conduct the 100 hours meditation. Inspired by the same done at Ranchi Ashram , having the accommodation facilities to actually support this type of activity and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Gurudeva's work we decided to make this august event happen.

We began on February 23rd , Thursday at 8.00 am and went on uninterrupted till  February 27th 2017 , Monday till 12 noon. It was planned so as to include Mahashivarathri which was on the 24th of February.

A total of 145 devotees participated from all across the country out of which 70 stayed at the kendra.

Meditation sessions were conducted as per the YSS norms with periods of meditation interspersed with chants , bhajjans and Gurudeva's talks . Energization Exercises were conducted at regular intervals .

Silence was maintained at all times. Meals were well planned light and nutritious. Hot beverages and fruits were made available round the clock. All in all it was a most conducive environment to be able to step away from the wearisome world and dive deep in Sadhana for uninterrupted periods of time.

The presence and blessings of the great masters was tangibly evident making it a sublime event. The awesomeness of this grandiose experience was expressed by many participants who felt transformed, uplifted ,renewed, rejuvenated and above all their hearts overflowing with love and gratitude to our beloved Gurudeva for making this a possibility.