International Yoga Day Celebrations - 2017

We at YSDK Coimbatore were privileged to celebrate the International Yoga Day on June 18th 2017. We conducted a variety of open house events that were publicized  via Newspapers and the All India Radio. A couple of events were conducted at the Kendra with a good participation exceeding 100.

Guided meditations were conducted as per the guidelines provided by YSS in English during the morning session that benefited the old as well as new devotees. Subsequently, the evening session was conducted in Tamil that was attended by 63 devotees.

We were honored when All India Radio, Coimbatore offered to broadcast the evening guided meditation program. It opened with a brief introduction about our Guruji and YSS covering the basics of meditation then a few cosmic chants, simple breathing exercises, visualization and healing techniques that was received well by the participants. It was followed by an interview in which the organizing community   explained the role played by YSS in spreading Kriya Yoga among the public and a few participants also gave feedback regarding the utility of the program. We also organized a small book exhibition that received good response.



Nana Nani retirement homes is one of the premium retirement communities in Coimbatore with four different locations and we were happy when they invited us to organize a conducted meditation on International yoga day this year, June 21,2017.

The venue was just tailor made for an event like this with a beautiful air conditioned, sound proof hall and a great sound system and very nice seating. We just had to put Gurudeva's picture with a lamp and the energy transformed instantly to a high vibrational reverential one.

The program was well attended with over 100 residents participating. They keenly followed the techniques that were part of the program format for beginners. The bhajan session was well appreciated and we closed with distribution of Prasad packets of nuts and dry fruits. The introductory literature was made available. A book stall was also set up. Overall, it was a very enjoyable and gratifying experience.